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December Fishing Report

December Fishing Report

December 1, 2023 Backwater Provisions Co has some tips and tricks for your upcoming fishing adventure. We have partnered with Captain Mike Rogal to bring you some of his knowledge for upper Tampa Bay. We have all of your fishing needs from tackle, bait, apparel and much, much more. Also, December brings another “Fish Series” with Captain David Blanchard featuring knot tying, this class is filling up fast so reserve your spot.  Don’t hesitate to swing by the store if you have any questions and be on the lookout for January’s report on Sheepshead and much more. Thanks again to Captain Mike, and if you’re looking to catch the big ones reach out to him. Inshore Fishing Report- December December brings northern winds, cooler temps, and negative low tides. Getting on a consistent bite will generally be on the warmer days between the fronts. Many fish have started their yearly migrations to seek refuge from the dropping temperatures in the many small creeks, rivers, and tributaries we have within upper Tampa Bay.  As the temperatures start to drop, many of the bait fish schools and pelagic species start to migrate south to warmer waters. Inshore fish will generally start to transition to a crustacean dominant diet. Shrimp will become one of the main forage items that will produce hookups.Creek mouths will hold the three species that are the gold standard for west central Florida: snook, redfish, and trout. Shrimp or a Zman Ezshrimp on a trout eye jig head is a great way to catch these lethargic predators. My favorite way to fish in the month of December is to sight cast fish on the negative low tides. These lower tides force fish out of the cover of the mangroves and onto shallow flats. During the day you can find redfish and snook sunning themselves. Be wary, these fish can be a little skittish but are catchable with a stealthy and proper presentation! Downsizing your gear is a must!For the greatest success I’d recommend fishing the deep grass edges and potholes in 4-6 feet of water for trout. The best rig for this is a classic popping cork rigged either with a live shrimp or a Zman soft plastic and a touch of Procure scent.  Please remember to use safe fish handling skills and practice catch and release! Good luck and keep ‘em hooked!  Captain Michael Rogal  

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